Side Effects (2013) Miller Meter–6/10

Directed By:  Steven Soderbergh

Written By: Scott Z. Burns

Starring: Rooney Mara, Channing Tatum, Jude Law, Catherine Zeta-Jones

R     1 h 46 min – Crime | Drama | Thriller

This one stars Rooney Mara, Channing Tatum, Jude Law and Catherine Zeta-Jones.  With Steven Soderbergh behind the camera how is it not higher on the Meter??  We’ll get to that.  The story follows Emily (Mara) who is having all kinds of problems.  She sees a psychiatrist Dr. Jonathan Banks (Law) who is quick to prescribe her anti-depressants and other psych drugs.  Her husband Martin (Tatum) is released from prison and they are on the road to rebuilding their life and relationship but her damn depression just keeps on messin’ it up and bam! You’ve got a story.  Catherine Zeta-Jones is weaved in and out of the plot so finely I don’t have much on her.  Here’s the deal…I was entertained for the first half of the flick.  The cinematography was classic Soderbergh, lots of uncomfortable yellows and golds which I loved.  Rooney is really on her way up as well, she delivered and surprisingly I was able to tolerate Tatum for the majority of the movie.  It started losing me after the first hour unfortunately.  I found myself struggling to keep my attention on the plot which was forcibly becoming more and more complicated.  Just when you thought the plot starts heading in one direction, they throw 15 more twists at you and they were all as predictable as the last.  If you’ve got nothing else to do and you want some mediocrity in your life, give it a go.  Otherwise, just watch Lost.  You get all the suspense and twists without the frustration of non-delivery.



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