Moon (2009) Miller Meter-8/10

Directed By:  Duncan Jones

Written By:  Duncan Jones, Nathan Parker

Starring:  Sam Rockwell, Kevin Spacey, Dominique McElligott

R     1 h 37 min – Drama | Sci-Fi

Duncan Jones makes his major motion picture directorial debut with this sleeper of a science fiction film starring Sam Rockwell and Kevin Spacey.  Sam (Rockwell) is an inhabitant of the moon who has been stationed there for 3 years.  His job?  Hold on for this…he sends back a resource only found on the moon that is supplying power back home on earth.  3 years on the moon would be about as fun as watching Gigli on repeat but lucky for Sam he’s got a “fun loving” pal in the form of GERTY (Spacey) the computer to keep him company.  Why the high rating for this straight to DVD lower budget indie sci-fi flick?  First of all it’s just Sam Rockwell on screen…that’s it…and he kills it.  I was very impressed with what he did with this one.  Not to mention Kevin Spacey playing a computer (by the way it’s a smiley face with a voice essentially) somehow really tugs on your heart strings.  Rockwell’s character goes through exactly what any other normal human being would if stranded on the moon for years.  Seeing his character run along through the Hero’s Paradigm all by his lonesome makes this one worth watching so check it out!


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