Identity Thief (2013) Miller Meter–3/10

Directed By:  Seth Gordon

Written By:  Craig Mazin, Jerry Eeten (story)

Starring:  Jason Bateman, Melissa McCarthy, John Cho, Amanda Peet

R     1 h 51 m – Comedy | Crime

This flick stars Jason Bateman and Melissa McCarthy and Amanda Peet pops up for about 8 minutes.  I went into this one expecting to be mildly entertained and thought to myself “well I really love Jason Bateman so I’ll give it a shot”.  For those of you out there who haven’t seen it, DON’T!  Sandy Patterson (Bateman) has his identity stolen by Diana (McCarthy) and seeks to have his name cleared after the theft screws up his job and causes problems at home.  The two of them go on a journey from Florida to Denver and find themselves forming a friendship along the way.  Pros? It’s something nice to have on if you need to fall asleep but can’t, need background noise while you play candy crush saga, or you have a sick sense of humor and feel like ruining your buddies date night by recommending it to him and the girl he’s with.  Cons? You almost lose all faith in Jason Bateman, you waste 111 minutes of your life, and 1$ at the Redbox.  I give it a 3/10 on the meter for a weak script, weaker acting and the fact that Melissa McCarthy made me want to bash my head against my dresser with her attempt at serious acting.  Even the clitche slapstick nonsense couldn’t save her.  I guess rookie director Seth Gordon is to blame.  Damn you Seth, give me a Redbox rebate!!  This is one of those movies they wish they could erase of their IMDB pro pages that’s for sure.

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